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Do you have mixed scrap plastic material that you need to recycle? Things like plastic car parts, purges, boxes and more? If so, your business will benefit from our Plastic Recycling Company in Atlanta, Ga. As Georgia industrial plastic recyclers, One Stop Recycling provides convenient pick up for your scrap plastics and paper, usually  within 48 hours and will pay within 3 to 7 days. This unique plastic recycling service in Atlanta, Ga enables you to save significant time and money by:
  • Reducing the administrative time associated with plastic recycling initiatives
  • Generate more revenue as recyclers... Get paid a higher rate for other scrap along with plastics
  • Free-up storage or warehouse space in shorter period of time
Call One Stop Recycling Services today at 1-866-602-6102 or 770-948-1451 and find out how we can help you with all your Atlanta plastic recycling needs!
We are not accepting Post Consumer products at this time. (Example: Used water bottles)  
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